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For Emma and Hook, this second chance at love means knowing that you’re giving another person the power to hurt you but completely trusting that they won’t. And that’s what makes this love story so different from what either has experienced before and so relatable for many watching it unfold—it’s a story about two adults who’ve experienced the pain of love as well as the good. And yet they’re still choosing to take that leap of faith with each other. That’s the bravest kind of love there is.


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Benedict Cumberbatch Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge!


Jennifer Morrison at the OUAT After Party.

Ugly Ducklings, these are for you guys! JMO’s super excited and happy! :):)

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Ca tourne en boucle (12)

Découverte en surfant sur le blog de Tequi, cette chronique musicale m’a donné envie de m’y mettre pour partager avec vous les sons rythmant mes journées.